Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design, by Ethan Marcotte. From A Book Apart

This book could very well change the way you make and think about creating websites.

We’ve covered some of the most important topics facing web design right now, like HTML5, CSS3, and Content Strategy. Now Ethan Marcotte ties things together with his book, Responsive Web Design, presenting methods to deliver the same quality design to visitors, no matter how big their screen is.

At once, pleasantly self-deprecating, and seriously humorous, Ethan takes you by the hand and walks you through how to make this happen. You could seriously read this book and turn around to make your site responsive in an evening.

Ethan tackles the big stuff: CSS techniques and design principles, including fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries. And he does it with a grace that's empowering. It will take some of that grace after reading it to not turn your nose up at your coworkers who are still doing it wrong.

This book continues on our mission of brightening up your bookshelf, sporting a handsome sunny cover. Plus, the ePub edition has lots of videos instead of boring old pictures, though the videos are still only supported in iBooks for iOS.

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Coming Soon

We have some great titles coming up throughout the rest of this year, including: Designing for Emotion by Aarron Walter, Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski, and On Web Typography by yours truly. For now, dig into Responsive Web Design today!

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