From Lascaux to Brooklyn

From Lascaux to Brooklyn coverFrom Lascaux to Brooklyn
by Paul Rand

One of my favorites from Rand, who breaks down design principles to their most basic parts, arguing that some of the most beautiful visual communication can come from the most simple sources. He recounts a bit of history in the first half to get everyone up to speed (and to show how timeless visual communication is) before walking through a handful of his work from conception to final output.

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On the Subject of Me

Jason Santa Maria is a graphic designer living and working in sunny Brooklyn, NY. More »

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A Book Apart

Responsive Web Design, by Ethan Marcotte. From A Book Apart.
“Insightful, witty and practical, Responsive Web Design points us in the direction of a new web.”
—Mark Boulton
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Type: The Secret History of Letters coverType: The Secret History of Letters
by Simon Loxley
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Design Is History, created as a teaching tool for young designers just beginning to explore graphic design and as a reference tool for all designers. Chock full of great info.

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Education at FontShop, a great resource for tips, tricks, and type knowledge.

A List Apart: Issue 311

A List Apart: Issue 311, Start web design projects the right way. Learn when and how to say no. Articles by Whitney Hess and Kevin M. Hoffman.

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