June 2008

Jun 27
Movie Sequel Quiz
A quiz: How many sequels were there? I can’t believe there was enough interest for so many Leprechaun sequels.
Jun 26
Vertigo Theme
Matthew Buchanan’s hot Tumblr theme inspired by the artwork of Saul Bass for Hitchcock’s Vertigo.
Big Contrarian
Big Contrarian, Jack Shedd’s beautiful and simple blog design.
Jun 20
MagCloud, yet another Powazek joint, enables you to publish your own magazines. All you have to do is upload a PDF and we’ll take care of the rest: printing, mailing, subscription management, and more. I suddenly have the urge to publish a magazine.
Sshhh! This is a working library.
A Working Library, Mandy Brown’s lovely site on connecting the dots between books, though she explains it much better.
Rendering Visualized
Video visualizations of how Firefox renders HTML pages: mozilla.org, a Wikipedia page, and Google Japan. Fascinating and hypnotic. (via kottke)
Bear Tools
Bear Tools, Part I: Pencils, and Part II: Pens, and ongoing series by Kevin Cornell on the illustration tools he uses to do what he does so well.
Jun 18
ExpressionEngine Screencasts
Ryan Irelan’s ongoing screencast series on creating a site with ExpressionEngine. The EE preview and installation videos are free, the others are a steal at $5 each. These videos were instrumental on getting my site up and running with EE.
Wireframes Patterns
Another great addition to the Yahoo Design Pattern Library: wireframe patterns. Available in all the best formats.
Camp Naked Terror Remembered
Photos from this year’s history-themed Camp Naked Terror birthday bash. I went as a stock broker from the 1929 crash.
Jun 12
MFA in Interaction Design at SVA
The School of Visual Arts announces the new Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design, chaired by the unstoppable Liz Danzico. The faculty on board so far is impressive.
Field Tested Books
Those lovely folks at Coudal Partners once again bring us a summer of approved reading with their Field Tested Books, reviews of books read from a particular place (including one by yours truly). Plus, this year you can buy all the reviews bound up together in book form.
Jun 11
The Girl Effect
Beautiful animation for a great cause. Don’t skip intro.
Jun 09
Something in the Air
Windhammer, one of Rob Weychert’s numerous musical monikers, won this past weekend’s Philadelphia regional US Air Guitar Championships. Shirtless + Chaps + Rob, I mean seriously, these guys had no idea of the defeat they were walking into. Check out a video and some photos from the competition.

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