October 2009

Oct 30
Letters from the Hellbox
Letters From The Hellbox, a wonderful new column on type and typography over at McSweeney’s by Martin McClellan.
Oct 29
Support Details
Support Details, single-serving site that outputs your browser and system info. Exportable or emailable. Very useful for debugging what a client sees on their machine.
Oct 22
The Bold Italic
The Bold Italic, a beautiful new web magazine with ever changing article designs. We’re going to be seeing more and more of these.
Oct 21
Fonts in Firefox
Font control features for designers coming to Firefox. HELL. YES. Others browsers better get on the ball. The world of web typography is going to be getting very interesting over the next year.
Oct 20
I redesigned my good friend Liz Danzico’s site Bobulate.com to go with her wonderful writing and insights. It’s a spare and simple design that uses David Březina’s lovely typeface Skolar (served via Typekit) for the entirety of the layout.
Mr. Eaves
Emigre releases Zuzana Licko’s beautiful companions to Mrs. Eaves: Mr. Eaves Sans and Modern.
A List Apart: Issue 294
A List Apart: Issue 294, Learn what usability testing is and isn’t good for; discover the five warning signs of a bad client relationship (and what to do about them). Articles by Robert Hoekman Jr. and Greg Hoy.
Oct 13
Polaroid comeback
Wow, didn’t see this coming: Polaroid will re-launch the legendary Polaroid One Step Camera and is therefore commissioning The Impossible Project to develop and produce a limited edition of Polaroid branded Instant Films in the middle of 2010.

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