July 2008

Jul 31
Amazon’s universal wish list
Amazon bookmarklet to any item from anywhere to your wish list. Hot damn, that rules. I can finally have a typeface wish list to send to people when they ask me what I want.
Jul 29
Part Monty Python and part Flatland, hilarity ensues as Greg dramatizes the class system of typefaces.
Embedding Fonts
The future of web font embedding, where Richard Rutter argues in favor of using our current font file formats on web pages. I’m more in agreement with Mark Wubben, I think EOT or some version thereof, is the way to go.
Jul 28
Paul Westerberg’s latest, 49:00, is some of the best solo work he’s ever done. It clocks in at just under 45 minutes as one solid track of songs that bleed into each other. Oh, and it’s only 49¢.
Jul 25
The Screening Room’s Top 10 horrific movie moments. A list like this with Event Horizon and The Ring?! Please. (via CP)
Jul 23
London 2012 Olympics logo ineffective?
Marketers are skeptical of the London 2012 Olympics logo and feel it’s going to be ineffective. I’m shocked, an ill-conceived, bland, and meaningless logo deemed ineffective? I don’t know what to believe in anymore.
How to Write With Style
Kurt Vonnegut on How to Write With Style. Brief, poignant, and dependably awesome, as usual.
Watchmen trailer, a film adaptation of arguably the best comic book story ever. This looks like it could be very good.
Jul 22
Times Roman
Brief audio monologue of Mike Parker on the real origins of Times New Roman, a typeface created by yacht and airplane designer, Starling Burgess, nearly 30 years before it was credited to Stanley Morison. The Font Bureau plans to release Starling, a revival of the original Times New Roman, complete with a variety of beautiful weights and styles.
Jul 16
@#$%&?!!!, so that’s what a grawlix is.
Jul 15
Xbox 360 Dashboard Walkthrough
The forthcoming new Xbox dashboard. Looks like the design brief was: “swipe the Apple TV interface and toss in some Miis.” It’s a shame, the current “blades” interface is still pretty unique. (via Todd Dominey)
BBC.co.uk Design Standards and Guidelines
BBC.co.uk has a great design standards document on their site outlining the thinking behind the new grid and design system. (via Subtraction)
Outpost, manage your Basecamp projects on your iPhone. If this works as good as it looks, it will rock.
Man Man
I Was a Mad Man, William Drenttel on his seedy past in pitching design.
Jul 14
Zoomii, a virtual bookstore that seeks to emulate the experience of browsing shelves of books through a Google Maps style interface. It’s a bit quirky, but really intriguing.
Netflix 360
Netflix’s on-demand programming coming exclusively to Xbox 360 at no additional cost.
Jul 10
Dear Lulu
Dear Lulu, is a calibration document for testing colour, pattern, format, texture and typography through Lulu’s printing. Great idea!
Jul 09
Lost and Taken
Lost and Taken, Free stock textures for your graphic design and photography projects, both for personal and commercial use. Loads of good stuff here.
Thsrs, the thesaurus that only gives you synonyms shorter than the word you’re looking up. Awesome… er, rad.
Serif vs Sans Serif Legibility
Alex Poole fans the flames on the on that old chestnut, Which are more legible, serif or sans serif typefaces? I’ve read some of the material he cites and what much of it comes down to is: it depends. People read best what they read most, and because of the wide range of type styles, a baseline is pretty much nonexistent. (via the marvelous Big Contrarian)
List of problems solved by MacGyver
List of problems solved by MacGyver. Noted for future reference when in a tight spot.
Jul 08
Handwritten Typographers
Cameron Adams wonders: Do typographers exert some extraordinary control of the pen that laypersons don’t? Does a typographer’s handwriting influence the typefaces they produce? So he tracks down some well known typographers and gets samples of their handwriting. I’m happy to see my handwriting is on par for illegibility.
Studio Lettering
Studio Lettering, new collection of hand-lettering typefaces from House Industries. The OpenType contextual support is wonderful.
Jul 07
Bullitt Chase Scene
Video for one of the best car chase scenes ever (from Bullitt with Steve McQueen, of course) paired with GPS Google Maps tracking of the cars’ locations through the Mission in San Francisco. (via Jeremy Keith)
Unexpectedly Quit
Unexpectedly Quit, every time an Adobe application misbehaves I upload the error message. A great means to vent Adobe related frustrations from Mike Essl.
The Heads of State
The Heads of State have a lovely new website and heaps of beautiful design work to go with it. Congrats, Jason and Dusty!
Jul 06
Shortwave, an extensible quick-search and shortcut system from Shaun Inman. Fantastically cool, especially for iPhone users. More info on Shaun’s site.
Jul 03
99¢ or more. So… just like every other store now?
Jul 02
A List Apart: Issue 262
A List Apart: Issue 262, Feel the love with Subversion and find out why binding in JavaScript is not as kinky as it sounds. Articles by Ryan Irelan and Christophe Porteneuve.
Dark Knight
Beautiful poster for the new Batman flick, The Dark Night. I wanna see this film right now.
Jul 01
Hellboy on Inside the Actor’s Studio.

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