October 2008

Oct 31
Design to get you hiding under the covers
Beautifully spooky series of new Penguin book covers for some classics from Poe, Lovecraft, Stroker, and more. I think I might need all of these.
Horror on Hulu
There are lots of fun free horror movies on Hulu for your All Hallows’ enjoyment, including: 28 Days Later, The Thing, Near Dark, Carnival of Souls, and more.
Classics, an iPhone book reader stocked with an ever growing supply of literary classics (more Verne and Wells, please). Beautiful UI and custom book cover designs.
Oct 30
For and against standardizing font embedding
The facts, controversy, and stakeholders involved in font embedding online. “W3C is investigating if it should set up a WG to make a standard version of EOT.” Yes, please do it immediately. The longer you wait, the less chance you’ll have to steer this is a good direction. This is more important than most of the piddly shit in the hopper like rounded corners and multiple background images.
Free Site Validator scans your entire site for validation and link errors. Very handy.
Oct 28
Son of Somatic
Son of Somatic, fantastically ghastly desktop icons from the ghouls at the Iconfactory.
Oct 27
Halloween Gaming Guide
Matthew Baldwin, master of dice and game pieces, has a wonderful list of Halloween board games. I’m particularly interested in trying out Last Night on Earth and the Arkahm Horror series.
Flickrfolio, create an instant portfolio from your flickr account. Great idea, and the results are simple and elegant.
Oct 21
The DO Lectures
The DO Lectures are all about getting a handful of speakers together in one place, in the hope that they may inspire you to go Do something. To give you the tools and the desire to change the things you care about.
A List Apart: Issue 270
A List Apart: Issue 270, Progressive enhancement with CSS. Working from home: readers respond. Articles by Aaron Gustafson and Our Gentle Readers.
Oct 20
Candy Corn Hat
Candy Corn Hat! I really should learn how to knit. Includes downloadable PDF pattern.
A Sexy Halloween, scary costumes made sexy… and therefore even more scary.
Disco, a new royalty-free stock icon set from Dan Cederholm. My, what lovely little discs.
Oct 17
Housing Works
Housing Works, an organization committed to ending the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness, gets a redesign from Happy Cog. More info on the HC site.
Oct 14
Watching the Watchmen
Watching the Watchmen, a coffee table book on the artwork for the greatest comic book story ever told, comes out next week. Headed up by Chip Kidd and designed by the amazing Mike Essl, the book contains tons of original sketches, artwork and production materials straight from the desk of Dave Gibbons. Pre-order yours today.
Oct 10
Satanic Messiah EP
Satanic Messiah, new free Mountain Goats EP (donations encouraged).
What’s in a Web Site?
What’s in a Web Site?, Steve Heller asks me and some other visually oriented people what we think of the McCain and Obama websites for the NY Times’ Campaign Stops blog.
Oct 09
GeoEye-1, the world’s highest-resolution commercial satellite sponsored by Google, captured its first image this week… and it’s of my alma mater. Weird.
Oct 08
Mad Men, Mad Props
Mark Simonson continues the Son of Typecasting Series, this time outing some of the typeface foibles from wonderful show, Mad Men.
Oct 07
A List Apart: Issue 269
A List Apart: Issue 269, Master the basics of progressive enhancement and look back in orange at the first ten years of A List Apart. Articles by Aaron Gustafson and Jeffrey Zeldman.
Oct 06
School of Visual Arts : MFA in Interaction Design
SVA’s MFA in Interaction Design program now has a mailing list and a public information session on Nov 1.
Oct 05
Spooky Sock Monkeys
Sock Monkey Drawer is at it again with awesome Spooky Halloween sock monkeys. Get ‘em while they last!
Oct 02
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo unveils the DSi, the handheld successor to the crazy good DS, now with larger screens, two cameras, removable storage, and ability to download media and content via Wi-Fi. So… when can we expect Mario Kart DSi?

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